Crossroads Emaus FDC utilizes an Email Notification service we call the "Prayer Circle".  

The Prayer Circle is used for the following purposes:

  • We send electronic copies of the monthly newletter.

  • We send news and updates about Emmaus events.

  • As we prepare for our Walks, we use the prayer circle to update the Emmaus Community on team service opportunities and needs for our Walks.

  • Most importantly, we use the prayer circle to share prayer needs and praise reports from our Emmaus Community.  


Sending our Prayer Requests

Except for a small number or people who are authorized to send messages, the Prayer Circle is designed for outbound communications only.  This is one of the ways we protect the integrity of our communications and make sure we are not distributing inappropriate messages to our commuity.  When you wish to send a prayer request to the entire community, click one of the moderators below below:

Wanda Harris   

Charlene Petersen


type and submit your message.  Once received and approved by a moderator, your message will be forwarded to the Crossroads Emmaus Prayer Circle.