The Crossroads Emmaus Fourth Day Community is eager to involve as many churches as we can to host gatherings.  This gives our community members an opportunity to visit and expirience other churches throughout our area.

In order to host a gathering, your church will be asked to provide:

  • A meeting place for 75 - 100 people.

  • Paper goods and plastic ware for the meal (plates, cups, napkins, knives, forks and spoons).

  • Drinks (tea, water and coffee).

  • 2 child care attendants which have a current, state required background check on file with your church.  Crossroads Emmaus will contribute $60 to the host church to help with the costs of child care.  If you can not provide childcare workers, please let the Crossroads Community Assistant Lay Director know as early as you can so they can advise the FD Community there will not be child care for this gathering.

  • Worship area.

  • Communion Elements (bread and juice).

  • We would love to involve your clergy in the social and worship service.  If your clergy has not been on an Emmaus weekend our clergy is available to assist with the worship service.

  • If your church has a music team, we would love to utilize them for the gathering.  Please let us know at the time of scheduling if you have a music team who will provide music during the gathering.

  • A person from your church or your community to deliver the Fourth Day talk.  Fourth Day talks should be between 5 and 15 minutes in length and address the two following questions: (1) What has the Walk to Emmaus meant to you and (2) What have you done about it?

If your church is not able to provide any of the above, please let the Crossroads Community ALD know at the time of scheduling.