Crossroads Emmaus Community utilizes an outbound Email Notification service we call the “Prayer Circle”.  

The Prayer Circle is used for the following purposes:

Except for a small number or people who are authorized to send messages, the Prayer Circle is designed for outbound communications only.  This is one of the ways we protect the integrity of our communications and make sure we are not distributing inappropriate messages to our community. 

The Prayer Circle is an “Opt-In” mail list. In other words, we must have your explicit permission to add your email addresses to our mailing list. We accomplish this with a sign-up form linked below.

Click here to sign-up to receive messages
from the Crossroads Emmaus Prayer Circle.

Submitting a prayer request

Sharing prayer requests with our Emmaus community and praying for our community members in need is an important part of being the body of Christ. You are encouraged to consider the following suggested protocols for submitting prayer requests:

Click here to use our on-line form
to submit a prayer request.