Ministry Manager

Please use the Contact-Us form to request a ministry Manager Account.
Include your name, email address and pilgrim walk number attended.

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What is Ministry Manager?

Crossroads Emmaus Community is transitioning our community information into a community management application called Ministry Manager.  This application will allow Crossroads to collect, store and use that information to conduct the mission of the Walk to Emmaus ministry, that is – track progressive servanthood, select teams, communicate with those teams, our community and the Upper Room. 

A Ministry Manager account is specific to a person and will be used to record team service such as Walks attended, Walks worked, talks given, and progressive servanthood.  It will also allow us to track roles of community members and communicate with you based on your role in the community such as community member, board of directors, and Walk Team members.  The information stored in Ministry Manager will significantly help streamline our Walk Team selection process.  

Because each account in Ministry Manager is specific and unique to an individual, each member account created in Ministry Manager requires a unique email address.

(Some people may share an email address with another person in daily life. For the purpose of Ministry Manager access, only one person can have an account established under a single email address.)

The simplest way to establish your account in Ministry Manager is through an email invitation process.  An invitation will allow you to create a password and set up a profile for your individual account.  Use our Contact-Us form to provide your name, email address and the pilgrim walk number you attended to receive an email invitation. Your email address and the password you provide will allow you to log into your Ministry Manager account and access or update your profile at any time required.

If you have not received an email invitation, visit the Ministry Manager page and click the “Sign Up” button. You will be prompted to fill out a form and click the “Create Your Account” button to finish.

Create your profile.

Once you have access to your individual Ministry Manager account, you will need to create your profile.  From the Ministry Manager Home Page, click the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page that says “My Account” or click the icon that shows the profile of a person.  Please complete all fields.

If you only use wireless phone service, please enter that number in both “Phone Number” and “Mobile Phone Number” boxes. 

Please verify that the Email Address entered is one that can be used to communicate information with you in a timely way.

Once all of the information is entered, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Save” button to update your information.

Click on the “Churches” tab to add your church information.  Click the blue “Add a Church” link.  Using search terms such as “Edna” or El Campo” will help you identify churches already created.  If your church is not listed, please contact us and provide the exact name of your church so it can be added to the list.

Click the “Sponsors” tab to add your sponsor.  Click the blue “Add a Sponsor” link and enter the name of your sponsor in the search box.  If you cannot locate your sponsor in the list provided, please contact us and provide your sponsor’s name and email address. We will send them an invitation to create an account in Ministry Manager.

Need to change your email address or password?

Members have the ability to update their Ministry Manager email address and password.  Log into the Ministry Manager program (a link is provided at the top of this page) and click the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page that says “My Account” or click the icon that shows the profile of a person.  scroll to the bottom and click on “Change Account Info“.

If you and your spouse both have Ministry Manager accounts, you may notice when your spouse tries to sign in, Ministry Manager automatically logs in to the first account.

Ministry Manager installs a “cookie” on your system when you log in and this cookie persists for a while even when you Sign Out, so if you click the Log In button again while the cookie is still active, you are automatically logged back in to MM without even having to enter your information. One of the reasons this has been done is that The Upper Room has gone to a single log in per user for all Upper Room accounts. So your log in will be the same for the Ministry Manager and for any other Upper Room accounts that you have.

The way to allow your spouse to Log In after you Sign Out of Ministry Manager is to sign yourself out of all Upper Room accounts.
After Signing Out, you are taken back to the Log In page.
Click the Support link at the bottom right of the Log In button.
When you see a rather blank page titled The Upper Room, click on your email address at the upper right and in the drop list select Sign Out.
Now click your browser’s Back button until you are back at the Ministry Manager Log In page and your spouse will be able to Log In successfully.