Crossroads Emmaus Community is blessed to have an artisan within our community who resurrected the traditional Walk to Emmaus cross. These crosses were used by the Southwest Texas Emmaus Conference / Rio Texas Conference as a replacement for the wooden cross.

The designer is making these crosses available for purchase to the wider Emmaus Communities.

The Emmaus Cross
In the image to the right, the center cross is the Emmaus cross, the Chrysalis cross is on the right, and the reverse of each cross is shown on the left.
The cost of each cross is $6.00 each.
(rainbow lanyard is not included)
New 24k Gold Electroplated Emmaus Cross
Gold Emmaus crosses are $25.00 each and processed per order

To order, please contact:

Mike Kinsey
Tel: (361) 935-7642

When ordering, please furnish a Texas Tax Exemption Certificate, otherwise we must charge the appropriate tax.

For each cross ordered, a donation of $1 will be made to support Emmaus Pilgrims and Pilgrim scholarships.