Crossroads Emmaus Group Reunion Groups

Looking for a Emmaus reunion group? This list provides groups and contacts that we have been provided. If you know of a group that is not listed or needs to be updated, please email Please provide all of the data for your group as listed below.

City Group Name Men's Women's Meeting Location Meeting Day Time Contact Updated
Edna God’s Divas Women’s Member’s Homes Mondays 01:00 PM Edna FUMC 08/03/2005
Edna FUMC Women Women’s FUMC, Moon Building Parlor 216 Main Fridays 12:00 PM Jennifer Storz 08/06/2012
El Campo Early Birds Men’s FUMC Conference Room Mondays 08:00 AM El Campo FUMC
El Campo Wandering Angels Women’s FUMC El Campo 1001 Ave. I Mondays 05:00 PM Neta Ripple 979-541-9691 01/01/1970
El Campo Rabbit Chasers Men’s First Christian Church Tuesdays 07:00 PM Mike Alderson 979-543-7342 01/01/1970
El Campo Walkie Talkies Women’s El Campo High School Wednesdays 07:30 PM Jackie Condra 979-543-6838 07/11/2006
El Campo Lunch Bunch Men’s Dianita’s Cafe Wednesdays 11:30 AM Jesse Avendano 979-332-0831 10/07/2019
El Campo Wednesday’s Wings (FULL) Women’s El Campo Northside Center Wednesdays 04:15 PM Linda Alderson 979-543-7342 10/07/2019
El Campo Marantha Watchers (FULL) Women’s First Christian Church Thursdays 08:00 AM Ellen Ryan 979-541-6323 01/01/1970
El Campo God’s Graces Women’s Varies Thursdays 12:00 PM Monica Bard 979-541-9005 01/01/1970
El Campo Sunday @ 7 Men’s FUMC El Campo 1001 Ave. I Sundays 12:00 AM Jesse Avendano 979-332-0831 10/07/2019
Ganado F.R.O.G.S Men’s FUMC Ganado Wednesdays 05:30 PM Bill Rakowitz 361-771-5255 01/01/1970
Ganado Holy Moly’s Women’s FUMC Ganado Wednesdays 05:30 PM Ganado FUMC 02/03/2005
Goliad The Rainbow Angels Women’s FUMC – LeMaster Hall Tuesdays 05:00 PM Linda Austin 361-645-8784 08/03/2005
Point  Comfort Can you hear me now? – GoOD! Men’s Habaneros Restaurant 2128 W Main St, Port Lavaca Thursdays 06:00 AM John Behrens 361-893-5581 361-487-1119(w) 01/01/1970
Point Comfort A.M. Amen!!! Men’s Cary Construction Conf Rm. 1307 Hwy 35 S. Wednesdays 06:00 AM Pop or Cary 361-987-5823 01/01/1970
Point Comfort The Golden Girls Women’s Point Comfort City Hall Wednesdays 06:00 AM Jan or Bernie 361-987-5823 01/01/1970
Port Lavaca Aha Sisterhood Women’s Sherry Shrader’s Home 109 Oak Grove Lane Thursdays 04:30 PM Sherry Shrader 361-676-5760 01/01/1970
Port Lavaca Sharing the Love of Christ Men’s 2101 N Virginia St. Tuesdays 07:00 AM Steve Bales 361-482-6646 01/01/1970
Port Lavaca Daybreak Women’s FUMC Port Lavaca 814 N San Antonio Tuesdays 07:00 AM Jean Wehmeyer 361-552-1350 01/01/1970
Port Lavaca Morning Blessings Women’s FUMC Port Lavaca 814 N. San Antonio Rm 3 Tuesdays 08:00 AM Kelly Lockey 03/01/2018
Port Lavaca Angels 4 Christ Women’s Salem Lutheran Office Build. 2101 N. Virginia Wednesdays 06:00 PM Cathy Hahn 361-552-5100 01/01/1970
Port Lavaca Keepers of the Light Men’s FUMC Port Lavaca 814 N San Antonio Thursdays 06:00 AM Bill Shrader 361-552-7308 01/01/1970
Seadrift Seadrift Seekers Women’s FUMC Seadrift Rm. # 1 Mondays 01:00 PM Pam Gremminger 281-467-4166 01/01/1970
Vanderbilt Devoted Women’s Thursdays 05:00 PM Jessica Burton text 361-489-9903 01/01/1970
Victoria Ladies @ the College  Women’s VC Student Center Faculty Lunch Room Mondays 10:00 AM  Wanda Ritchie 361-649-2904 01/01/1970
Victoria R.S.W2 Women’s Various Locations Mondays 05:30 PM Janet Tudor 06/08/2019
Victoria Sisters in Spirit Women’s John Wesley FUMC Tuesdays 10:30 AM Carol Alexander 361-649-9379 01/01/1970
Victoria 2 X 2 Women’s (Tripson residence) 117 Village Green Victoria, TX 77904 Tuesdays 01:00 PM Joye Tripspon 361-652-3995 05/06/2022
Victoria Men’s FUMC or Member’s homes 407 N Bridge Tuesdays 05:15 PM Steve Carroll 361-648-3300 01/01/1970
Victoria G3B-God’s Garage Guys #2 Men’s Taqueria El Rodeo 3402 Sam Houston Wednesdays 05:30 AM Mike Mercer 361-574-9963 04/11/2005
Victoria Good Old Boys Men’s First UMC Wednesdays 06:00 AM Hugh Charlton 361-576-6889
Victoria Pilgrims of Grace Women’s Grace Presbyterian Wednesdays 11:00 AM Betty Prichard 361-575-4702 01/01/1970
Victoria Partners in Prayer Women’s Martin Home 602 Brooks Wednesdays 11:45 AM Mary Jean Martin 361-575-4232 07/09/2008
Victoria Early Bird Men’s FUMC Crossing 406 N Bridge St. Thursdays 06:30 AM Cliff Carter 361-578-4557 01/01/1970
Victoria Morning Glories Women’s Member’s Homes Thursdays 06:30 AM Jan Scott 01/01/1970
Victoria Crummy Buttons Girls Women’s 5103 Country Club Drive Thursdays 03:00 PM 02/01/2016
Victoria Unnamed Women’s Citizen’s Hospital Fridays 06:30 AM Jean Wood 361-578-4301
Victoria Crummy Buttons Girls Women’s 5103 Country Club Drive Thursdays 03:00 PM 02/01/2016
Victoria Sisters in Spirit Women’s 309 Berwick Road Sundays 05:00 PM Janet Myrick 361-572-0390
Victoria Sunday Sisters Women’s 407 N Bridge Sundays 06:00 PM Debbie Durham 361-655-0870 01/01/1970
Victoria Sunday DeColores Men’s Member’s Homes Sundays 07:00 PM Morris Azbill 361-676-0862 01/01/1970
Yorktown The Yorktown Bunch Both Member’s Homes Wednesdays 05:30 PM Cliff Krcha 361-564-2319 01/01/1970
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